We are an award winning civic innovation company working at the intersection of data, technology and governance. We take risks, we are willing to fail in pursuit of changing conventional behaviour in development sector, and we seek to enhance local input in development interventions. We grew out of a student research seminar at the London School of Economics.

Our Vision

To become a leading southern non-profit delivering development solutions driven by data and informatics

Our Mission

To enhance local input in development interventions;
To help make policy-making based on data and informatics
To enhance citizen access to government services;
To advance transparency and accountability through Open Government ethos
To invent ‘next new ideas in development’

Our Approach to Interventions

LIG plans to make peoples’ grievances seep into policymaking in its most unprocessed form and, deliver. Not exactly rocket science.

We go back to the basics in search for answers. Most of the knowledge to lift the poor out of poverty already exists on the ground. These are learned, promoted and replicated.

Access counts as much as ideas do. We believe that key to measurable impact in any development intervention is when sincere local office bearers are pulled to the frontline of service delivery; simply because they have the prime interest in seeing things improve.

Our programmes are designed and shoehorned into community needs, not funding proposals. To create a permanent impact, our requirement is long term strategic partnership, not off the cuff grants. Therefore, LIG does not seek financial support from donors’ existing funding programmes.

Policy solutions by international community are essential, particularly in making development interventions technical and crosscutting. But we need to make the most of locals’ street creed. Locals know how people react to development projects and who to talk to in spotting defects and errors, follow village tea-shop gossips rather than Twitter to gain insights outsiders normally wouldn’t.

Our Values

We are a values-driven organization family. For us this means to always:

  • Integrity - Uphold absolute integrity and practice unheard-of transparency
  • Risks - Take risks & be willing to fail in pursuit of changing conventional behavior in development sector
  • Collaboration - Collaborate with, rather than confront the government
  • Eminence – Team up only with partners of outstanding distinction and honor
  • Local Ownership - Validate locally led interventions as cheaper and sustainable
  • Impact – Value funds as investment that demands quantifiable returns

Our Talent Management Style

Talent is global. In order to work with a global outlook and deliver with smart and sustainable local solutions, LIG intends to attract the sharpest workforce trained in world's leading institutions. Talent pool is predominantly young who are willing to take risks. Recruitment is done on a project basis, so that employment becomes results-focused and personnel's outputs can be mapped within a timeframe. International pay scales are on offer.

Equal attention is given to those from the private sector who can cross-fertilise ideas from the profit-making world to deliver value for money. Team Leaders are required to bring innovative ideas to table, design programmes in detail and help it materialise by hiring the right people to deliver. When programs go on the ground, only the locals living within target areas are invited to apply in project delivery jobs.

Our Media Plan

To reach the population extensively, publications relating to new findings, policy papers and research is disseminated as '3600 Insights' in condensed format as supplements in national broadsheets as well as through social media. Key journalists are identified to promote new ideas in development and stir up debate where possible. Journalists are assisted with research and resources to highlight best practices from home and abroad.