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Crowdsourcing Salon @ Summit Hotel Kathmandu

Local Intervention Group held an invitation only salon on 'Crowdsourcing for Elections' on 1st of February 2013 at Summit Hotel in Kathmandu. LIG is deploying the crowdsourcing technology to prevent election violence and violations in the run up to the election, and monitor them in real time during the election. This technology will track and monitor election violence and violations by gathering data and information from the public and geo-mapping them onto a Google map in real time. The purpose of the salon was to explore ways in which this game changer technology can be deployed in total sync with everyone who has ever worked in elections to make Nepalís next election comparatively freer, fairer, and more transparent and accountable.

Civil Society Oversight of Nepal Police using Crowdsourcing & Mobile Technology

Nepalís citizens have no easy avenue to express opinions about their local police Ė as both genuine grievances against local police as well as tributes, accolades to some of the finest-run police stations and officers go hand-in-hand in Nepal. Nepal also lacks a police oversight mechanism or from civil society. LIGís ambitious program seeks to rectify that in part by letting people report complaints, failures to register FIRS, or best-practice incidents, through SMS, a toll-free call, or a mobile app. These will be geo-mapped in real time to create a dashboard of peopleís genuine concerns relating to Nepal Police through data visualization, geo-mapping and continual monitoring over 1 year period starting September 2013.

Open Government Pilot, Kavre District

Local Interventions Groupís Open Government Pilot in Kavre launched on 15th September 2012 by forming an Open Government Committee in Kavre district to monitor and report budget allocation and expenditure in two VDCs of Kavre - Jaisithok and Nitya Chandeswori. Given the local authoritiesí apathy and downright hostility in being transparent in expenses, the committee has done a difficult job well. We are also learning, instituting Open Government ethos in local government structures is an uphill task, especially when VDC officesí record keeping is this medieval.

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Mapping for Peace and Accountability: Crowdsourcing and Data Visualization for Nepal Elections 2013

LIG is working to make Nepalís upcoming elections more transparent and less violent by using crowdsourcing, mapping and data visualization technology. The program will create an online platform that allows citizens and election observer organisation to directly audit the Nepalese electoral process by anonymously reporting their eyewitness accounts of election-related incidents. Reports will be able to be submitted using mobile and landline phones, email and the web.

Our Global Campaign

Local Interventions Group is campaigning at the global level arguing that open data programmes for the south should be less about technology and more about enhancing access of people from low-tech south. Over on the Open Government Partnership blog LIGís Pranav Budhathoki suggests what open government data programmes should look like in countries where there is limited access to the Internet and technology.

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